To book a tattoo appointment please fill booking form that you can find here.
Bookings are available up to 75 days in advance.

Berlin pricing

To give you the exact price for a piece I’d need to know the design that you are interested in, its placement and the size of the tattoo. Here are the approximate costs of my work:

  • S (2-5cm) tattoo is around €150-250; depending on the design
  • M (6-12cm) tattoo is around €260-340; depending on the design
  • L (13-17cm) tattoo is around €350-450; depending on the design
  • XL (>17cm) tattoo price we discuss individually.

Additional fees and discounts

  • Customs have an additional 100€ fee.
  • Covers have an additional 150€ fee.
  • Unrepeatable flash 50€ fee.
  • Placements like: ribcage, breasts, nipples, inner thighs, fingers, neck, and chest have an additional 30€ added to their price.
  • If you’d like to have more than one tattoo during one session there is always a 50€ discount for every next one.

Guest spots pricing

Please note that the above are Berlin prices. Guest spot prices may vary depending on local prices, costs of travel, accommodation etc.


I have my flashes on Instagram. You can look through them all and ask for any that catch your attention. We can always scale the designs. I sometimes modify designs (wrapping, stretching etc.) to suit the placement better, so you can also ask for it. I repeat my flashes up to 3 times.

Custom designs

If you’d like me to draw a custom design for you here are the information I need:

  • Size and placement – they are really important since the overall shape of the design will depend on them.
  • Your general idea – you can write a brief description of it or send me reference pictures.
  • 3 screenshots of the tattoos I already made that match the one you’d like to have – this will help me to know how you would like the lines to look and if there should be shading, colours, textures etc.


After we agree on all of the above I’ll ask you for a 50€ non-refundable deposit. You will have 2 days to transfer the money to my Paypal. You can always postpone your appointment just please let me know up to 3 days before it.


If there are any necessary please send me a picture and we’ll take care of it as soon as possible.